Islamic Articles

A. Sokoto Caliphate After 200 years - Conference Papers

  English Papers:

  1. The Nature and Character of Shaykh 'Abd Allah b Fodiyo
  2. Religious-Cum-Political Contributions of Amir Al-Muminin Muhammad Attahiru I
  3. The Linguistic Activities of the Sokoto Jihad Leaders
  4. Relevance of Qadiriyya Sufism in the Jihad
  5. The Sokoto Caliphate after 200 years: A Reflection
  6. Islamic Concept of Leadership in the Sakkwato Caliphate
  7. The Role of Scholars on the Sokoto Jihad Leaders

  Hausa Papers:

  1. Gwagwarmayar Malam Maikaturu da Malaman Kasar Hausa
  2. Harshen Fulatanci shine kangaba wajen yada Addinin Musulunci
  3. Gudumuwar Malamai ga Yada Addinin Musulunci  a Kasar Hausa


B. Hadith Commentary by Dr. Abdulrazaq G. Habib

  1. New Year/Ashura
  2. Equality and Piety
  3. Family Planning
  4. QUNUT: From Najd to the Balkans
  5. Difference of Religion: A Bar to Inheritance
  6. Infinite Aspirations
  7. Wife's Maintenance
  8. Sincerity
  9. Zakat on Personal Jewelry
  10. Wasiyah: Will or Legacy


C. Articles on Islam by Dr. Adewusi Surajudeen Adedotun

  1. The Tenets of Islam
  2. The Purpose of Creation
  3. The Jinn
  4. The Meaning of Islam (1)
  5. The Meaning of Islam (2)
  6. The Angels
  7. Faith: A Cure for Psychological Illness
  8. Supplications
  9. Repentance
  10. Jihad in Islam
  11. Hajj: The Islamic Pilgrimage
  12. Fortunetelling, Charms and Omens: The Islamic Perspective
  13. Dreams: The Islamic Perspective
  14. The Importance of Good Leadership
  15. Preparing for the Month of Ramadan
  16. Ramadan: The Month of Training
  17. Ramadan Fasting (1)
  18. Ramadan Fasting (2)
  19. The New Islamic Year (1421 after Hijrah)
  20. The Importance of Knowledge
  21. Signs of the Last Hour (The Doomday)
  22. The Importance of Solat-The Five Daily Prayer
  23. The Religion with Allah is Only One
  24. The Nature of Mankind and the Shariah (1)
  25. The Nature of Mankind and the Shariah (2)
  26. The Excellence of Fasting Six Days in Shawwal
  27. The Importance of Investigation and Sincerity
  28. The Islamic Creed: Lailah Illa Allah Muhammad Rosulullah
  29. Justice
  30. Patience and Perseverance
  31. Muhammad (PBUH): The Messenger and Prophet of Allah
  32. Kindness to Parents
  33. The Declining Time
  34. Kindness to Neighbor
  35. Signs of Allah (1)
  36. Signs of Allah (2)
  37. The Day of Resurrection and Judgment
  38. Spending in the Cause of Allah
  39. Business Transactions and Future Obligations


D. Other Islamic Articles

  1. An Interview on Uthman dan Fodio
  2. IHSAN: The Science of Tasawwuf: From the Translation of the Book, Kitaabu Uluumuddin by Usman dan Fodio
  3. KALIMAH: The Declaration of Faith
  4. The Best Provision For The Journey: (TAQWA)
  5. Food and Nutrition in Islam
  6. On Tolerance
  7. The Stranger in the House
  8. DHIKR-Remembrance Of Allah (SWT)
  9. Islam and Good Health
  10. Leave it!!! It Stinks
  11. Greatness of Allah (swt).
  12. The Earthquakes
  13. Man's Behaviour In and Out of Trouble
  14. The Day of Judgment
  15. Agonies of the Nigerian Muslim Woman
  16. AL-QURAN, The Miracle of Miracles
  17. SHURA AND DEMOCRACY: Similarities and Dissimilarities
  18. Rights of Allah
  19. The Signs of Fear of Allah; Its Reasons; Its Fruits and Some Poems
  20. The Shahaadah and Its Importance
  21. One Hour a Day
  22. The Shari'ah Altercation: The Moral and the Legal Questions (Part 1)
  23. The Sharia: A Moslem Intervention
  24. Hadith-Sahih Al-Bukhari
  25. Important Lessons From Ramadaan
  26. How To Extend Your Age By Making It Productive (Part I)


E. Poems

  1. Death is Certain
  2. Eternal Ink


F. Questions and Answers

  1. Fatwa on Janazah
  2. How Halal is Halal Meat?
  3. Clarification on Hijab