How Halal is Halal meat?

Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters in Islam,

 I am just becoming worried of the above issue & I would be pleased if the
 issue of HALAL meat can be re-examing particularly down here in U.K.

 How HALAL is it ? and what make it different from the one in the shops ?

 What are the procedure's in making it HALAL ?

 How safe is't( in terms of contermination ) ?

 Personally I happens to know that, under the Animal Act of 196 of UK's one
 is only allowed to kill any animal that is above 5 Kg by:

 1 either electric shock(make sure is parcially dead) then slaughter or

 2 by a free bullet from gun direct to the brain, then slaughter(may be the Islamic way)

 So how HALAL is either of the methods, because any animal subjected to either of the above death would eventually be the result.

 According to Maliki school thought such  an animal is considered HARAM.

 So are we taking HALAL or HARAM MEAT ?

 And if you talk about contermination durring processing & Storage before use
 then, I asure you it is alot in comparison to the one in the shops.

 Please, I expect your contribution & responses.

 Mu'azu Abubakar Gusau


 Halal Meat:More Questions,Few Answers!

Bismillahir RHRH,
Assalamu alaikum WRWB,
Aisha RA reported;A group told the propet SAW that some people bring
meat for us,but we do not know whether they recited 'Bismillahi'[before
slaughtering it] or not.He replied'You,the beneficiaries,should recite
Allah's name on the meat and then eat it'.....Bukhari.

'What are the procedures that make the meat halal?'
Halal meat is the one derived from an animal that is otherwise
permissible to ingest its meat within the shari'a; not only that,but it
should have been rendered,or slaughtered,in accordance with Islamic
guidelines.That is,in summary;the animal should be slaughtered by a
sane,adult,using a sharp object to sever the throat and two neck vessels
whence the animal is lying on its left side[in the case of dextral
individuals] facing the Qiblah.A spear is used to render the camel,and a
knife to slaughter the sheep,goat,cows etc.The declaration of Bismillah,
'In the name of Allah The Great',should precede the actual act of

Allah SWT says"Eat not of meats on which Allah's name has not been
pronounced..."6:121.Imam Malik says,partly based on this,any animal
slaughtered without uttering Allah's name either intentionally or forge-
tfully even by a muslim should not be eaten.Abu Hanifa only agreed with
Malik if it is left out intentionally,while other Ulama feel it should
depend on the circumstances,as exemplified in the above prophetic
exemption. In that textual hadith above the prophet SAW ordered thegroup
to recite the 'Bismillah' on the meat before eating,assuming that it was
not done prior to slaughter.

'Are animals slaughtered by christians or jews halal?'
Yes,it is halal.Allah SWT says'This day all things good and pure are
made lawful unto you.The food of the people of the book is lawful unto
you.And yours is lawful unto them..'5:5.It is said that they recite the
'Bismillah' also,during slaughter.Doubftful as it may seem,Ulama have
explained that both,atleast,are followers of revealed beliefs/religions.
It is on record that the prophet SAW had eaten from meat given to him
by ahl kitab,and was even actually poisoned on an occassion with such
gift meat.Most scholars have opined that the slaughter of pagans render
the meat haram;Ibn Hazm,however,basing his argument on the prophetic
saying'Regard them like ahl kitab'justifies eating their food.

'Is it halal to use electric shock or gun to render animals?
Now Allah SWT has said'Forbidden to you are...that which has been killed
by strangling,or by a violent blow,or by a headlong fall..'5:3.Yusuf Ali
explains that the presumption is that it becomes carrion,as the life
blood is congealed before being taken out of the body.If the life blood
still flows and the solemn mode of slaughter in the name of Allah is
carried out,it becomes lawful as food.Following injury to animals,
intentional or otherwise,scholars have opined that such animals could be
slaughtered and be eaten,as halal,so far there is 'certainty of life'.
Imam Shafii defined 'certainty of life' in the animal as moving
voluntarily or looking voluntarily.According to him even if a vital
organ is injured such animal could be slaughtered.On the other hand the
Maliki opinion contends that in addition to 'certainty of life' there
should be absence of fatal vital organ injury that would have otherwise
made death imminent.By analogy therefore if electric shock alone will
lead to death of the animal,then it is haram in Maliki mazhab,while it
may be halal following slaughter according to Shafii opinion.

Looking at the matter from another perspective,ie that of hunting in
Islam,might further impede a simple yes or no answer.It has been
reported that the prophet SAW said'If you release your hunting dog and
recite Allah's name,whatever it catches,if still alive,slaughter it and
eat it...even if you meet the hunted animal dead and the dog has not
eaten from it,you can eat from it.' Can this be used as an analogy with
the electric shock,so far you recite Allah's name before the shock?

Islam allows the use of weapons like catapult,bow and arrow and gun for
hunting wild animals,so far other conditions are met.These weapons are,
however,not to be used in hunting domesticated animals.



Assalamu aleykum,

I am not clear about the explanation on the use of Electric shock etc.Please
be explicit.

Jazzakullah khair

Wa alaikumus salam,

Sorry unfortunately I could not lay my hands on a fatwa with a
clear'yes'or 'no' answer.Only by analogy,as written in the earlier

1[a]-That is,if an animal is injured[eg hit by a car or shocked with
electricity] and if it will certainly die immediately,because of the
severity of the resulting injury or electrocution,then it will be haram
to eat its meat even if slaughtered before actual death.This view is
held by some Maliki ulama,largely based on the interpretation of the
verse cited,5:3.

1[b]-Sayyid Sabiq however says'If an animal is slaughtered,which is
alive whence being slaughtered,it is halal to eat it;even if that animal
would not have otherwise lived![as following disease,injury and ? by
analogy electrocution]'.He cited an incidence in which Ibn Abbas RA was
asked about a sheep which was attacked by a fox and its internal vital
organs were scattered to pieces,but the sheep was subsequently
slaughtered.Can it be eaten?He replied it can be eaten,but the
scattrered parts should not be eaten.In this example the animal would
have died if not slaughtered.By analogy,therefore,even if it wereinjured
or lethally electrocuted but slaughtered before actual death then it
could be eaten.This view is held by many,including shafie scholars.

2-If on the other hand,the resulting injury,disease or electrocution is
sublethal and the animal would have lived its normal life if not
slaughtered;then most scholars,including Maliki ulama,would make its
meat halal,were it to be slaughtered.Therefore one needs to know whether
the current used in such electrocution is lethal or sublethal,and
whether the animal is slaughtered according to the sharia post
electrocution,to be able to give a 'yes' or 'no' answer in accordance
with maliki mazhab.

3-In practical terms one would not advise an individual to use such meat
with plenty available alternatives-but that does not mean others are
eating outright haram.Allah knows best and may He forgive us our
NB:I have forwarded these two postings on Halal meat to more competent
persons on the nmn list as you can see from above<Abdurrahman Isa,a
graduate of Fiqh/Sharia from IIU,Medina and Dr Ahmad Gummi of Fiqh/Shari
in Umul Qura Univ,Meccah for their comments,criticisms and corrections.I
hope they are hearing.


Assalamu Alaikum.
Mal. Abdulrazaq, Your answer on the halal heat is quite comprehensive and
your conclusion on the 'karahia' i.e. "one would not advice" is well
We only need to have two points in consideration.
1. The principle, as to regards to food, is that the reasons for prohibition
are considered foremost and overweight any reason for allowing its eating.
This becomes more imperative in view of the hadeeth narrated from Abi
Huraira :
Oh, you people!! Allah is good and he doesn't accept except good. For Allah
has ordain on the believers what he has ordained for the apostles. He said:
"- O ye apostles! Enjoy (all) things good and pure, and work righteousness:
for I am well acquainted with (all) that ye do.[ SURA 23: MU'MINUN.  Aayah:
51] " and also said : "- O ye who believe! eat of the good things that we
have provided for you, and be grateful to God, if it is him ye
orship.[ SURA 2: BAQARAH. Aayah:172] "then he mentioned the man who
traveled long, having matted, unkempt hair, dusty, extending his hands into
the sky [saying] Oh lord! Oh Lord! And what he eats is forbidden , And what
he drinks is forbidden, And what he wears is forbidden, And he was nourished
with forbidden food. Then how can his prayer be answered??" [muslim and
2. Also, as you rightly pointed out that weapons cannot be used on domestic
animals, nor the sending of the trained dogs, so also the use of electric
shock, Allah's name evoked or not.
Wa Allahu A'lam.