On Tolerance

* It is not rightful for any Muslim to be angry with His brother Muslim for
more than three days; better of the two is the one who greets the other
first.  A person who is angry with his brother for one year and does not
reconcile is like his murderer (Bukhari &Muslim)

* Do not get angry; a strong man (wrestler) is not he who defeats his
opponents but strong is the one who controls his anger (Bukhari & Muslim)

* People who quarrel over petty matters, who are short-tempered, money
mongers, misers, proud and haughty, are dwellers of Hell (Bukhari, Muslim)

* A person who shows patience and calmness at the time of anger, Allah SWT
fills his heart with divine light of faith. (Dawood)

*The best among you is he who gets angry slowly and then calms down quickly
and the worst is a person who gets angry quickly and then calms down slowly

* A beloved of Allah SWT is he who forgives people inspite of having power
to avenge (Baheeqi)

* O my followers! Never look down upon a person; if he is older than you, he
is your father,; if he is of your age, he is your brother; if he is younger
than you, he is your son (Masnad).

M. L. Ghandi

(From Da'wah highlights)