All praise is due to Allah Who has power over everything . May His blessing
be upon the holy Prophet Muhammad, his family, his faithful companions who
strived to see that the religion of Islam triumphed.

O Servants of Allah! Remember that our present life will end. We shall be
caused to die, and then we shall be raised back to life on the last day. On
that day, we shall all stand before Allah to answer for our actions. Surely
Allah will judge between us and will reward the believers with gardens of
bliss and punish the disbelievers with tormenting fire.

O Servants of Allah! How strange it is that the temporary life of this world
had distracted you from remembering the Day of Judgment. How is it that you
care for only what you can see but forget about what is to come? Many a
ruler seized by death and his empire did not avail him of aught. Many a rich
man called to the grave leaving behind him all his wealth. Surely in this
are signs for those who know.

Every human being shall be asked by Allah the Exalted about his deeds in
this world, and whosoever did an atoms weight of good deed shall be
rewarded, and whoso did and atoms weight of bad deed shall account for it.

O Servants of Allah! Know that Allah shall assemble the first man and the
last on the appointed day in which some faces are bright and joyful, while
others are dark and sorrowful. Allah the Exalted will then judge between
mankind with justice, and He is the most just. On that day, people will be
made to stand naked (as the day they were born, for uniformity) and nobody
will care about another because of the fright of that day. Allah will call
"who has power today?" Nobody will answer, for on that day none talk save on
permission from God. Allah will therefore answer Himself that power today
belongs only to Allah, the one, the Victorious.

Allah the Exalted told us in His last revelation that "whosoever transgress
(the borders of Allah and chooses the life of this world will have the hell
fire as his abode. But whoso dreads standing before his Lord, and thereby
refrain from following his passion will have paradise as his abode."
It had been reported from the sayings of the holy Prophet (S.W.A.) that
death is enough warning. In another tradition, the Prophet was reported to
have sat near a grave and wept. He then said to his companions " for the
like of this, be prepare yourselves".

O Servants of Allah! Does it befit a person who believed in Allah and the
Day of Judgment to mindful of only this world? Death picks up both old and
young everyday and the cemeteries are brimming daily.  Fear Allah and
protect yourselves and your families from hell, which shall be filled with
mankind and mountains.  Prepare your answers before the angel of death comes
for you. Lets strive to do our best in the obedience of Allah so that our
judgment will be simple. Allah said, "Fear Allah o believers that are
mindful, surely Allah had sent down to you a remembrance (the Qur'an).

Finally, I implore Allah to make us live and die in total submission to Him,
to forgive our sins and to make the Janna to be our abiding place in the
hereafter. May His peace and blessings be upon His messenger, who came to us
with the true religion.

Wassalamu Alaikum.